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The Talent Studio Competency Model is based on four competency clusters namely, Personal Effectiveness, Workplace, Occupation-Specific and Management Competencies which underpin individual, team and organisation performance across all industries.

The system automatically updates the candidates skills profile after a candidate completes the e-learning courses on their learning pathway,

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Why Choose Talent Studio?

Talent Studio provides a cutting-edge learning management platform to enable line managers to select course material according to their staff member’s personal learning needs. Our system quickly and easily links appropriate courses to employees based on their skills needs. Now managers can deploy courses directly to employees, monitor progress and review skills development from any smart device.

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Building Capabilities for the Digital Age

By |September 13th, 2020|

Re-aligning training strategies to respond to digitisation. Automation and digitisation, suggest new principles for organising the emerging workplace. The landscape is shifting in areas such as career tracks within organisational hierarchies and notions about full-time jobs [...]

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